The factors that affect the fire risk assessment of a building

If you are going to build your new house, office or any other kind of building, accidents can happen anytime. But you should always take some preventive measures such that you don’t have to pay a lot for such accidents. Fire accident is one of the biggest and the most harmful kind of accidents that can happen. Thus, you should always take precautions, such that you do not have to face a great loss, in case of any kind of fire accident.

Different aspects

It is always good that you undertake a fire risk assessment at the place, where you are going to build your new building. There are a number of aspects, which can affect the fire risks of that particular building. The experts will take a note of all the points, that is responsible for any kind of fire based risk. If you find that the fire related risk in that place is high, it will be a good decision to change your place, or your design such that big problems are accidents don’t take place.


The first is the location. Location plays an important role, while you are going to start a new building. If the building is located at a place, which is quite congested, there is a higher risk of fire, as the rescue team will be unable to reach the location on time, and due to a lot of congestion, fire will spread quite fast, which will multiply at a rate that it will be no longer under control. Thus, it is always good to find a place, which is free from any kind of congestion.

Number of floors

The number of floors in your building is going to play an important role when it is related to fire risk. The more the number of floors, the risk will increase, as when fire will break out, it will be difficult for the rescue team to rescue those, who are located at that top floors of the building. It is not possible to reduce the number of floors, but with the increase in the number of floors, proper precautions and extinguishing methods must be kept ready for such kind of accidents.

Materials present

The work that will be done in the building can also be responsible for fire. Thus, when a fire risk assessment will be carried out, the experts will ask for the kind of work that in with done in that office. If the work in that office will be done with inflammable materials like oil, or any kind of combustible gases, there will be a higher risk of fire compared to any building, where there will be no such materials. In case there are inflammable materials, proper care must be taken about the precautions.

The importance

It is always good to have a fire risk assessment of the place on the building, where you will do your work, or you will stay. The risk assessment will also help you to know the precautions that you should take, such that you can tackle accidents in the easiest possible way.

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